FireStrip-ALX Intumescent Gap Seals

FireStrip-ALX is elastomeric foam laminated with a graphite based intumescent compound on both sides. It is designed to perform as a 2 or 4-hour barrier in construction movement joints. Designed for long linear installations in horizontal and vertical applications.


  • Fire rated up to 240 mins
  • Acoustic Isolation to 22dB
  • Air Permeability testing to 600Pa – 100Pa
  • Tested in Block Wall, Concrete and Masonry
  • Tested in Concrete Floors
  • Tested in Linear Joints up to 150mm wide
  • Tested with Cables, Cable Bunches, Cable Trays and Cable Trunking
  • Contributes to Green Building
  • Joint movement capability of +/- 50%
  • Highly flexible and water resistant
  • Maintenance free
  • Available up to 150mm gap size
  • Halogen free, resists fungi and vermin