KBS Mortar Seal 25kgs

KBS® Mortar is a dry mortar mix with controlled swelling effect to provide a non-shrinking, homogeneous and smoke gas-tight fire seal for cable penetrations. Most mortars shrink during drying and curing. KBS® Mortar expands while it sets (up to 3%), ensuring a tight and crack-free seal.


  • KBS® Mortar has been rated up to 240 minutes fire resistance at various thicknesses as per all important standards.
  • KBS® Mortar is a blend of inorganic binders, fillers and lightweight aggregates, interlaced with special additives and agents.
  • KBS® Mortar may be used wherever a fire resistance up to 240 minutes for cable penetrations is specified.
  • KBS® Mortar is preferably used for floor penetrations but, because of its non-sagging properties, is also easily installed in wall penetrations.