KBS Sealbags

KBS Sealbags are installed in cable penetration seals, where frequent retrofitting of new cables is expected or where dustfree penetration seals are requested. KBS Sealbags are pillows consisting of tightly woven, durable fibre-glass cloth, filled with a combination of mineral fibres, incombustible components, water-insoluble expansion agents and special fire retardant additives.


  • KBS® Sealbags are used as well for sealing small PVC or steel pipes, ducts or cable conduits.
  • KBS® Sealbags are ideal for the protection of cables in double floors of processing centres.
  • KBS® Sealbags may also be used to cover cables in trays against fire from sources such as welding.
  • KBS® Sealbags come in various sizes so as to allow the sealing of even the smallest openings.