Insulation Pins, Cup Pins & Clips

The HBS range of fastening systems are ideal for stud welding fasteners for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. For a cost efficient alternative use ISO-PLUS cupped head pins which allow for the fastening of the insulation mat to the base material in one easy process step. This perfect fastening procedure replaces the very complicated traditional procedure: weld on a pin, push the mat over the pin, put on the clip and then cut the projecting tip or bend it. With HBS products you simply push the cupped head pin onto the chuck of the welding gun and push it through the mat and it welds within 3 milliseconds!


  • Suitable for thin sheets of 0.5mm and above
  • Low heat input using pins of 2mm diameter only
  • Suitable for insulation mats with and without aluminium foil
  • Easy operation
  • Welding in 3 milliseconds