Shear Connectors

Headed Shear Connectors are used as an essential component in composite beam design and construction. They are available for welding to flat surfaces, inside angles and outside angles. Composite construction combines the positive features of steel construction and structural concrete. This means that a steel skeleton structure is combined with concrete parts so that a joint bearing effect is created. The steel beams bear the tensile forces, while the concrete bears the compressive forces and provides fire protection.


  • Cost-effective production in large quantities and many different sizes
  • Reliable and safe under static and dynamic stress
  • Mechanical interlock of steel and concrete – lifting-off of concrete slabs is prevented
  • High ductility, considerable increase in bearing capacity through plastic design
  • Anchorage of steel parts in concrete for various load directions, no cracking forces because of mechanical interlock
  • Individual design of reinforcement by pre-planned positioning of steel members in concrete
  • Firm welds produced by stud welding
  • Application by trained operators – no highly qualified welders required
  • Electronically controlled and monitored stud welding equipment ensures repeatability and verifiable quality of the weld